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Ethel’s Wine Market

NEIGHBORHOOD WINE BAR Ethel’s Wine Market This small wine market is so much more than a wine shop. Boasting two tasting rooms that can be reserved for education on all things “vino” in addition to the comfortable wine bar setting, Ethel’s is...

Poochie’s Austin Groomers

Poochies was a fun and interesting challenge, because we were designing a space that would be used by pet owners, but also needed to take into account the unique needs of the other customers, the pooches.


Got a broken computer or phone? You’ll love this store. This retail client wanted a space that is extremely clean and sharp to accompany the high-tech expertise they offer to customers.

Grover Residence

MODERN HOME DESIGN Grover Residence The Grover Residence is a ground-up renovation of an original 1955 single story transformed to a modern two-story home in the heart of Austin’s Crestview neighborhood. The original front facade was maintained to preserve the...